CEN has a group of staff and volunteer advocates who are on hand to provide you with advice and support if your child is experiencing problems at school, particularly with fixed term or permanent exclusion.

We are a busy team providing a free advocacy service across all 33 London Boroughs and beyond.

Click the 'GET HELP' tab to access our virtual self-help Parent Portal that will allow you to navigate your way through a range of issues relating to exclusion from school.

Please ensure to 'SIGN UP' which will help to speed the response process should you need any further assistance from a member of the team. 

You will be expected to provide details of you and your child as well as about the issues you need help with.

Our advocates are highly trained and passionate about helping people and are:

  • Independent

  • Responsible

  • Committed to giving people skills and knowledge

  • Clear about our purpose

  • Quick to put other people first

  • Easy to reach

  • Careful regarding handling confidential information

  • Respectful to all people