Knowledge Transfer for experienced advocates

The education landscape is complex and forever changing and the demand for expert and independent advice, support and representation, particularly in relation to challenging school exclusions is so great that it is vital that we continue to support the ongoing development of education advocates.

Developing advocacy skills

Thank you to Garden Court Chambers who generously hosted a Knowledge Transfer session for CEN in April 2016 and DWF Law in November 2016.

Please contact Jenn Lewis if you are interested in hosting an event like this or would like to participate.


These sessions are an opportunity to share knowledge, insights, legal developments and case submissions as well as accounts of individual advocates‘ casework. 

The sessions are extremely insightful and of great value to anyone committed to developing their advocacy skills, particularly as there are always a number of very experienced education advocates present who are willing to share their experiences and knowledge.

The sessions are for:

• advocates working in the education field

• anyone committed to developing their advocacy skills

• anyone who has an interest in ensuring that justice and equality in education is promoted for the benefit of all.