CEN offers mentoring services to statutory agencies, school clusters and individual schools.

“The mentoring provided to our Year 10 students during a difficult period of transition proved invaluable, and the personal attention to details such as home visits and a willingness to evaluate student progress at their new settings can only be applauded. Many thanks for demonstrating such a high level of commitment to student achievement.”
Headteacher, South East London secondary school

The CEN mentors are matched to young people depending on what the child's needs are and what the mentors own strengths and experiences are. Our mentors are there to listen and offer advice. They engage the young person with new activities and help them make plans for the future. Our mentors are equipped with key insights, knowledge and skills around working with vulnerable young people as well as professionals from diverse backgrounds. We also work with young people who have offended and help them take control of their future.  

Mentoring is designed to help support students in achieving their full potential. Mentors work with students to help them: 

  • Recognise their strengths
  • Develop their skills
  • Improve their level of achievement  
  • Set realistic and realisable goals
  • Recognise and record their positive achievements
  • The young people that require a mentor mostly have a history of offending and challenging behaviour. For some young people involved in the youth justice system, a mentor is someone that they can rely on, trust and someone who will be dependable. We provide extra support and a positive adult role model. The essential ingredient of mentoring is the relationship that is established between the mentor and the young person. 

Contact Janet Richard (Mentoring Coordinator) for further information.

"Thank you very much for your help and support encouraging me and my mum. I am loving my new school, you have helped me very much. If I wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be at school right now. Thank you for everything."
Year 8 pupil