CEN’s Parents (NOT) Included Programme PIP

CEN’s Parents NOT Included Programme PIP was created specifically to address the fact that parents are too often not included in conversations about their children early enough to assist in addressing a problem before it escalates; to the point of the child either being on the brink of school exclusion or already being excluded.

At CEN, we have unfortunately become used to hearing from parents only once a school exclusion has already taken place. During the initial conversation with parents, we often hear their bewilderment when recounting the fact that this was the first time that they had been contacted by the school, at which point they were presented with a catalogue of prior incidents about which they had not previously been informed.

Advocacy is often regarded as some sort of emergency service with parents contacting us only after a school exclusion has occurred, but at CEN, we want to ensure that parents know that we also focus on early intervention and are able to be involved before exclusion is an option.

PIP encourages parents to understand why it is important for parents to be involved in their children’s education and provides parents with the following:

  • PIP Forum group sessions
  • PIP Parents Toolkit
  • A directory of services which offer specialist support
  • A bespoke referral and signposting service for parents and young people
  • Assistance for parents to create PIP Forums in their own communities


The PIP Forum sessions cover the following topics:

  1. EMPOWERED PARENTS: why it is important for parents to be included
  2. Keeping your child in school: what parents need to know about exclusion
  3. How to advocate on behalf of your child
  4. What to do when children are Neuro-diverse
  5. How to ensure that your child’s school regards you as an equal partner
  6. Why it’s important to discuss mental health
  7. How to support your child’s educational progress
  8. Mutual Expectations: what parents should expect from school, and what the school should expect from parents
  9. Parentry: recognising your own expertise
  10. How to create your own PIP Group

If you would like to know more about joining a PIP group or want help in getting a PIP group started in your school/local community, contact CEN’s Parent Coordinator using the details below:

E: lori@cenlive.org 

T: 020 7733 0297

M: 07849 830512