Work experience at CEN offers an insight into legal advocacy and social work and students will also experience team working, communication skills and awareness of the charitable sector.

“I chose CEN as my work experience placement because I believed I would gain an indepth insight into the role of a social worker. The placement involved going to their office from Monday to Friday, where I carried out a number of tasks such as:

•    Answering phone calls
•    Inserting information into a database
•    Taking people's personal details

I was given an insight into the history of CEN, where I was fortunate enough to learn about the founder, Gerry German and the impact he had on a number of people. I also spoke to some of CEN’s advocates where I learned about their role and experiences.

I can truly say I have enjoyed my week spent working at CEN because with the help of the staff, I was able to achieve what I had set out to do, which was to by the end of week have a general understanding about what the role of a social worker may be like and whether I wanted to go down that career path. Through CEN I was also able to learn about exclusion in detail – what is an unlawful exclusion etc, which I believe was the best part of this placement because I discovered new information ... and I believe the information could truly be beneficial for future reference.

The additional skills that I have gained from this placement allow me to resolve problems in an appropriate and rational manner.

I would recommend CEN because I think they give an insight into what it’s like working in this field and seeing how passionate the staff are can be inspiring.”

Sixth Form student, London