Coronavirus Update

Dear all 

So, we have entered into a second lockdown….. but after the last time, I hope that you are all Lockdown Veterans and not rushing to stockpile toilet paper or panic-buying like your life depends on it! Rather, we hope that you are managing to maintain your physical and mental wellbeing and for those of you who are having to stay at home, we hope you are finding creative ways of managing the time. 

For the moment, we are not yet out of the woods and the next few months, during Autumn and Winter will present new challenges, so we continue to urge you all to keep observing the health and safety protocols of social distancing, wearing a mask and washing your hands.

Thankfully, this time around, we haven’t all had to suddenly become surrogate teachers but considering the uncertainty that the country continues to face; furlough, job losses etc, I appreciate that for many families this may be small comfort.

Unfortunately, at CEN we are seeing that schools are continuing to exclude students in spite of the pandemic. We are still offering FREE Advocacy and representation service to parents in a remote manner with a reduced staff team. Our Parent Portal service is still available to support our community and can be found here.

We are also continuing to seek ways that we can provide additional resources to support students who may fall/have fallen behind in their studies, as well as support for parents, to allow them to more effectively support their childrens' learning at home – click on the link for some educational and wellbeing resources here.

As well as to help those who have been excluded or who are at risk of exclusion, our aim is also to prioritise early intervention measures for vulnerable students, which is why we are asking parents to complete our survey.

We also are in the process of partnering with a number of other agencies to provide support for families and are contributing to the compilation of a directory to ensure that we can navigate parents to a wide range of support and as soon as this is complete it will be available on our website.

Please continue to stay safe at home and look after yourselves and each other, and remember, although we don’t know when this will end or what ‘normal’ will look like after this, please remember that it will not continue forever. So keep looking forward to life after Covid!

With kind regards,

Jenn Lewis and the CEN team