Coronavirus Update

Dear all 
We hope you are all surviving the lockdown and have managed to find positive ways to use the time spent at home.

Coronavirus has had the unique effect of affecting every family in the UK across all income brackets, particularly families with children attending school whose parents have had to become adept at taking on the role of teachers. The pandemic has also affected many family incomes; some parents have either lost jobs or been furloughed and facing uncertainty as to whether their pre-Covid 19 careers will recover.

There may also be many other known and unknown pressures in the medium and long term. Potentially students who may have already been struggling at school, both academically as well as behaviourally and therefore at risk of exclusion are now at further risk of falling behind academically.

Many parents have shared that they feel 'inadequate', 'overwhelmed' and 'completely ignorant' of what their children are learning at school, and have confided that they really lack the confidence to assist children with schoolwork, particularly those students who are close to exams or about to apply to university.

In addition, this period is causing an emotional strain on family relationships, as familes cope with the fear of the virus, keeping children couped up at home during the Spring and probably Summer, a sudden drop in income, having to visit foodbanks as well as the possibility of losing friends and loved ones.

CEN is looking at ways that we can provide additional resources to support students who may fall/have fallen behind in their studies, as well as support for parents, to allow them to more effectively support their childrens' learning at home - we have started with some educational and well being resources here.

This continues to be CEN's aim to prioritise early intervention measures for vulnerable students, which is why we are asking parents to complete our survey

Please continue to stay safe at home and look after yourselves and each other.

With kind regards,
Jenn Lewis and the CEN team