CEN and COVID-19

We are taking this opportunity to let you know where CEN stands amid the current health concerns and what measures we have introduced to protect colleagues, volunteers and clients alike, to ensure that we’re doing everything in our power to meet this challenge with a response that’s effective and proportionate.

We have been abiding by instructions given by the government and Public Health England and practising social distancing.

Fortunately, CEN is in the position to allow its staff to work from home and we are still able to offer a somewhat reduced service so please continue to contact us via email and you will still have access to advice by accessing our Parent Portal for additional support, templates etc:


As schools are closed all current cases requiring representation have been postponed. If you have a meeting/hearing date, and have not received any communication about a postponement from the school, you are advised to request an adjournment. 
If you have sent us any documentation, we will retain this for future representation.

We have also created a new page to support the community with educational and wellbeing resources for the whole family - see here


Jenn Lewis