Communities Empowerment Network (CEN) is recruiting volunteers to join us as Education Advocates to advise and represent parents with children who are at risk of exclusion as well as those who have been excluded from school, at Reintegration Meetings, Governor Disciplinary Committees - GDC and Independent Review Panels - IRP.

  • We welcome anyone who would like to be trained to become an Volunteer Education Advocate

  • We also welcome applicants who are legally trained, law graduates or who are in the process of applying for or completing a law degree

  • Volunteer Education Advocates are trained by those who have a legal background to work in real life scenarios and will be supervised as they progress through their volunteering journey at CEN

  • Educational exclusion cases can be challenging but very rewarding as the outcomes can be life changing for the young person involved

  • Volunteer Education Advocates will also be trained to advocate on behalf of children with Special Educational Needs/Disability - SEND

If you are interested in becoming a Volunteer Education Advocate, please apply here 

If you are an existing Education Advocate interested in sharing and learnings from your work experience, please contact us here.

Watch our video about our Volunteer Education Advocates.