Dear Parent,

Please take a few minutes to help us. 

Since July 2018, we have been inviting parents to access our recently launched Parent Portal which has been developed as a virtual assistant for parents who are facing issues at their childrens' school. 

We need feedback from a user's perspective to let us know how handy it is which will help us to improve the system and we hope this will help you and other parents who use it to have a positive outcome.

Please could you have a go by clicking the link below and give us your feedback.

If possible, forward the link to your friends and family and invite them to send us their feedback too.

We value your contribution as the purpose of this is to better the services we provide as an organisation.

The portal link is: https://parent-portal.cenlive.org/

Send your feedback here: parentportal@cenlive.org

Thank you,

From the CEN Team.


How did you find your experience with CEN?

Overall, my experience with CEN has been absolutely fantastic—the opportunities I have been afforded over the past few months have been wonderful. Indeed, I hope to continue volunteering for the charity into the future.