We offer training and volunteering opportunities for anyone who is interested advocating on behalf of children including legal undergraduates and legal professionals who are able to offer their services pro bono.

“My experience with CEN has been absolutely fantastic – the opportunities I have been afforded over the past few months have been wonderful, indeed I hope to continue volunteering for the charity into the future... as an Advocate, I have learnt to tailor my advocacy style to different audiences.In terms of my personal development, my experience with CEN has made me all too aware of how stressful litigation can be for one’s service users, and how I need to be sensitive to this in practise.” 

- CEN Law Student Advocate

CEN provides law students with case management experience, supervision and training in exclusion advocacy delivered in partnership with the University of Law

Read about the role of an Volunteer Education Advocate with CEN.


Volunteers at CEN include charity trustees, legal, empowerment and SEN advocates